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Museo Civico Archeologico Etnologico
Museo Civico d'Arte


DIDA educational workshop

DIDA is a place to...

freely express thoughts and feelings

have fun and make new friends

design and learn how to “do and make”

learn about and experiment with ancient materials and old techniques used for creating objects

discover our ties to history

Dida is an educational tool for the institutions located in the Palazzo dei Musei, which interact with schools and the city on a daily basis.


Here, the Galleria Estense, the Civic Museums, the Luigi Poletti Civic Library of Art and the Historical Archive can expand the “operational” aspect of their educational program by offering games, demonstrations and creative activities that allow for experimentation with various artistic and handicraft techniques, with a view to expanding on the themes represented in the collections and the initiatives developed in the institutional halls.


Comfortable and inviting, the didactic area is composed of a row of three rooms, each furnished in its own style, so as to be able to flexibly accommodate the various activities. In the first room the public is introduced to the workshop: the natural wood furnishings create an atmosphere of warm and cheerful familiarity; the space is furnished in such a way that visitors can stow their belongings, look through materials and converse with staff.

The middle room – equipped with a projector, television, video camera, computer with scanner, printers and complex, specific software for everything having to do with creativity – was designed as a multimedia space for research. Finally, the third room is dedicated to activities that allow visitors to learn about and experiment with artistic and handicraft techniques. In this “studio”, visitors can come into direct contact with materials, discover their potential and learn the techniques for producing an object… techniques that traditionally have been neglected, but that are essential to fully understanding the works exhibited in the museum halls and the culture that produced them.



For school group activities, the workshop is open from Monday to Saturday morning, from 9 AM to 12 PM, from October to May.

For play and entertainment activities for families and the general public, it is often open all day Saturday and on Sunday afternoon.

For youth and adult courses on different artistic techniques, the workshop is open in the evening from 8:30 to 10:30

For information on courses and activities, call 059/2033121 or 059/2033115.

To be added to the Dida mailing list and receive information on activity offerings, please send an e-mail to the following address: