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Museo Civico Archeologico Etnologico
Museo Civico d'Arte


The Churches of Modena Municipality



Eight churches are part of the municipal heritage. First of all the chiesa della Madonna del Voto* built for the grace received from the citizens after the pestilence of 1630. The church of Sant'Agostino*, incorporated into the Albergo dei Poveri, was instead sold in 1880 by the Charity Congregation of Modena to pay debts. Such acquisition confirmed and improved the concentration of the cultural institutes in a single place, the 18th  century building that then became Museums Palace.

In 1928 the church of Santa Maria della Pomposa was acquired to host the memorial of Ludovico Antonio Muratori, while in the annexed parsonage, previous home of the historian, became the seat of Deputazione di Storia Patria and Museo Muratoriano.
In 1936 the Local administration became owner of Tempio Monumentale dei Caduti*, whose construction started from 1929 thanks to its financial contribution. The other four churches: San Barnaba, San Lazzaro*, San Biagio* and San Giacomo in Colombaro (the only one outside town) entered in the heritage in 1977 upon the law that entrusted the properties of Public Charity Institutions to local administrations.
The civic authority has therefore the custody of such vast heritage and the responsibility to maintain its original destination.

*The Churches Voto, Sant'Agostino, San Lazzaro, San Biagio and Tempio Monumentale are closed at present due to works following the earthquake of 2012.