L'Occidente degli Eroi

International congress, October 25-26 2018. After the re-opening of Sant'Agostino Church, in October Modena will host the internationa congress "L'Occidente degli Eroi. Il Pantheon degli Estensi in Sant’Agostino a Modena (1662-1663) e la cultura barocca” at the Accademia Nazionale di Scienze Lettere e Arti prometed by the same institution together with Musei Civici and designed by Sonia Cavicchioli, pofessor at Bologna University

A portata di mano

At hand. A tactile itinerary that allows you to discover some of the Wonder of the World heritage in Modena. A new approach to sculpture and architecture through multi-senses learning, to appreciate, not only with eyes, Piazza Grande site UNESCO Hertitage for twenty years . Modena, Piazza Grande, groudfloor of Palazzo Comunale. Free entrance (Monday to Friday h 9-2pm; Saturday, Sunday and holidays h 10-1pm)